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Cults and The Occult

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  • Witchcraft In The Pews (Expanded)


    Deception, witchcraft, and occult practices reign worldwide and these evils have even infiltrated the Christian church! So, fasten your seatbelt as you read the most provocative book of our time, in which you will learn to recognize:
    *Ministers who use intimidation and fear
    *Controlling power in families
    *Spiritual discernment and its many uses
    *Manipulative media techniques
    *Distractions coming from Satan

    It’s time to take a stand and engage in spiritual warfare. Bishop Bloomer shows how to prevent others from unfairly taking advantage of you.

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  • Freemasonry Invisible Cult


    Jack Harris, a former “Worshipful Master” of a Masonic lodge, authoritatively speaks about one of the most deceptive cults in the United States today. Freemasonry is a false religion, teaching that men can approach God not through the finished work of Jesus Christ but through their own abilities. This secret organization has entangled ministers, elders, deacons, trustees, Sunday school teachers, and people all over the world in a web of lies and satanic rituals–all of which are veiled with the language of the Bible! Discover how you can share the light of Christ with those living in the darkness of Freemasonry and how they can be set free from its deception.

    But after reading and studying various Masonic authors, he realized that Freemasonry considers Jesus Christ to be no greater than Moses, Elijah, Mohammed, or Buddha. Needless to say, his faith and trust in the teachings of Masonry were shaken.

    He began to converse with pastors, read the Bible, pray, and debate with other Masons about who Jesus Christ is and where absolute truth is to be found. This went on for two years, until one night he decided to watch a Billy Graham crusade on TV.

    As he listened to Reverend Graham preach, he finally saw himself as God saw him, a sinner without hope and on his way to hell. That night he got on his knees and asked Jesus Christ to forgive him for his sins, come into his life, save him, and be the Lord of his life. At that moment, he accepted the God of the Universe, Jesus Christ, and rejected the god of Freemasonry. He was set free by the One who is the Truth, Jesus Christ. The shackles of Masonic lies were broken.

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  • 33 Degrees Of Deception


    The deadly deception of Freemasonry is exposed in this very comprehensive book that tells the story of Jim Shaw, who was a 33rd degree Mason, Knight Commander of the Court of Honor, Past Worshipful Master of the Blue Lodge, and Past Master of all Scottish Rite bodies.
    In addition to Jim’s story, 33 Degrees of Deception answers the questions many people raise about the Masons. You will be intrigued to learn what this book has to say about:

    The connection between Masonry, the New Age Movement, and the New World Order
    Masonry’s occult roots
    Death oaths and Masonic executions
    Masonry and the Illuminati
    Masonry’s opposition to Christian schools
    Tom McKenney writes to warn Christians of all denominations to extricate themselves from Freemasonry.

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  • Seductions Exposed : The Spiritual Dynamics Of Relationships


    If you’ve ever ended a relationship you knew wasn’t God will for your life, but you can’t seem to stop thinking about that person…If your behavior is being influenced in a negative way by people you come in contact with…If you’re cursing yourself through forbidden statues, jewelry, and practices…It’s time for you to break free from the ties on your soul. Dr. Gray Greenwald will explain how the transference of spirits and soul ties can create dominion over your life. Learn how to defeat the deceiving spirits that control many of the things you come in contact with every day.

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  • Becoming A Vessel Of Honor


    Power over satan Can Be Yours.

    This book is written for all those children of God who hunger and thirst after a close personal relationship with Him. It is for those who long to “hear” His voice in their innermost being, who will not be satisfied with anything less than the experience of His presence and glory. It is for those who value such a relationship with our wonderful Creator enough to be willing to pay the price in their own lives to
    achieve it-the pain of daily carrying the cross. This book is for those who are willing to strive for holiness in obedience to our beloved master, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Subjects include:
    The key to spiritual power-personal holiness
    The armor of God-how to use it effectively
    The sin nature-how to understand it and control it
    Defilement of God’s temple-how to avoid it
    The Holy Spirit vs. demon guides-knowing the difference
    Deliverance-case studies and guidelines

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  • Am I Being Deceived


    Get rid of the shackles that may be holding you back from truly worshipping! Rediscover your First Love and soar to new spiritual heights, as you find freedom-maybe for the first time. The Virklers’ give poignant definition to false religions and capture the essence of true Christianity in their scripturally grounded work, Am I Being Deceived?. Do you know where the boundaries are? Do you know the distinguishing traits of true Christianity, Phariseeism, and the New Age Movement? You will. Set your borders straight, your vision high, and your passion at full steam ahead.

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  • Prepare For War


    In this spiritual warfare manual, Dr. Brown writes from seven years experience helping deliver many, many people out of hard-core Satanism. In this sequel to Dr. Brown’s best-selling book, He Came To Set The Captives Free, you will learn to: Stand victoriously against Satan, deal with the dangerous New Age teachings, Recognize and deal with Satanic ritualistic abuse of children, minister in the area of deliverance and handle the rarely discussed problems people face after deliverance.

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  • He Came To Set The Captives Free


    1. Enter Rebecca
    2. Enter Elaine
    3. Entering The Brotherhood
    4. Rise To Power
    5. Life As A High Priestess
    6. The Wedding
    7. Discipline Within The Brotherhood
    8. The Black Mass And Human Sacrifice
    9. Turning Points
    10. The Meeting
    11. Entering Spiritual Warfare
    12. The Battle
    13. Doorways
    14. The Human Spirit, Standing In The Gap, And The Spirit World
    15. Why Should We Fight?
    16. How To Fight
    17. Destruction Of Christian Churches
    18. Demonic Illnesses
    19. Straight Talk To Those Who Want To Come Out Of The Occult
    20. Definitions
    288 Pages

    Additional Info
    For seventeen years, Elaine served her master, Satan, with total commitment. Then she met Dr. Rebecca Free Brown, who served her master, Jesus Christ, with equal commitment. Elaine, one of the top witches in the U.S., clashed with Dr. Brown, who stood against her alone. In the titanic life-and-death struggle that followed, Dr. Brown nearly lost her life. Elaine, finding a power and love greater than anything Satan could give her, left Satan and totally commited her life to Jesus Christ.

    This is an honest, in-depth account of Satan’s activities today.

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