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  • Crowned With Glory And Honor


    Jesus defines what it means to be human.

    The field of theological anthropology is at a standstill, mired in debate between dualist and physicalist perspectives on body and soul. In Crowned with Glory and Honor: A Chalcedonian Anthropology, Michael A. Wilkinson argues that the man Jesus is the way forward. Anthropology should be centered around Jesus.

    God the Son incarnate is true man, like us in all things except sin. Wilkinson approaches human ontology through Christology by looking to the Chalcedonian Definition and its Christology. Chalcedon confesses the man Jesus to be the divine person of the Son subsisting in a human nature. A Chalcedonian anthropology extends Jesus’s person-nature constitution to define what it means to be human. A human being is a human person subsisting in a human nature. We are more than body and soul because Jesus is so much more.

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  • From Creation To New Creation


    1. The Story Of The Promise Of Salvation
    2. The Promise Of A People Who Know God
    3. The Promise Of A Place Of Blessing
    4. The Promise Of A King And A Kingdom
    5. The Promise Of Blessing To The Nations
    6. Conclusion: Blessing And Curse
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    Sometimes its hard to see the wood for the trees. Running through the many gripping and memorable stories the Bible contains is one big story of Gods plan for the world he made, and how he brought it about through Jesus Christ.

    Packed with diagrams, illustrations and timelines, this accessible Bible overview unlocks the storyline of the whole Bible how God promised and then brought about the plan to save our fallen world. But this is no book of arid theological ideas. It is a story that will encourage effective, active Christian living in today’s world.

    Looking at God’s covenantal promises with Abraham, Moses and David, Tim Chester presents the ‘big picture’ of the Bible and helps Christians understand the part in relation to the whole. From Creation to New Creation traces different elements of the promise and introduces:

    A people: God’s promise to save a people who will be His people
    A land: God’s promise to provide a place of blessing
    A king: God’s promise to re-establish his rule of freedom and peace
    The nations: God’s promise to bring his salvation to all the peoples of the world

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