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  • Usted Es Especial 25 Pack – (Spanish)


    Everyone is special to God, and he loves and desires to know each of us personally. This all-time bestselling tract, redesigned and translated into Spanish, reveals Christ’s loving and merciful heart for those who place their identity in him.

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  • Sirve A Tu Ciudad 15 Ideas – (Spanish)


    An ARC Resources Title

    This companion piece to Serve Your City includes 15 practical ideas to serve as an inspiration for those wanting to explore a range of options on how they can best serve people in their neighborhoods and communities.

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  • Sirve A Tu Ciudad – (Spanish)


    An ARC Resources Title

    Through the pages of the Gospels, we see Jesus model a “show and tell” life and ministry to His followers- He “showed” them how to serve by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and caring for the poor-and while He was demonstrating compassion, He taught them, “telling” them of God’s immense love. This is the way to show God’s heart of compassion for the people in our cities and towns, and this is the way to break down barriers so people will listen to the life-changing message of the gospel of grace. In this book, you’ll sense Dino’s heart, be inspired by his stories and learn from his experiences, as well as many ARC churches that are serving their cities with a Jesus-style no-strings-attached kind of love. This is at the core of who ARC is – a deep passion to see churches thrive as part of the cities they serve.

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  • Por Que Creer En Jesus – (Spanish)


    Una vida que vale la pena investigar

    Jesucristo es la persona mas famosa que ha existido. La mayoria de la gente conoce Su nombre, aunque realmente no sabe quien o como era El. Si en verdad El fue un Salvador, como algunos dicen, de que forma realmente eso nos afecta hoy? Y por que nosotros deberiamos creer en El?

    Mientras Jesus vivio y ministro en la tierra, El enseo acerca de temas como:
    *Que es la verdad?
    *Cual es el significado de la vida?
    *Que es el amor?
    *Cual es mi proposito?
    *Cual es mi futuro?

    Muchos de nosotros buscamos algo real para nuestras vidas. Nos preguntamos si es posible tener paz, proposito y empoderamiento en un mundo que parece estar cayendose a pedazos cada dia. Las circunstancias en nuestra vida nos llevan a lidiar con preguntas basicas acerca de nuestra propia existencia, tales como “Por que estoy aqui?” Tambien hacen que nos preguntemos acerca de la existencia de un Ser Superior a quien podamos acudir en busca de ayuda.

    En este libro, a medida que usted explora la vida y las extraordinarias enseanzas de Jesus, tambien sera introducido con gente contemporanea, de diversos origenes, que nos indican como y por que llegaron a creer en Jesus, y la diferencia que El esta haciendo hoy en sus vidas.

    A Life Worth Investigating

    Jesus Christ is the most famous person who ever lived. Most people know His name, but they don’t really know who He was or what was He like. If He truly was a Savior, as some say, in what way does that reality affect us today? And why should we believe in Him?

    As Jesus lived and ministered on earth, He taught on topics such as:
    *What is truth?
    *What is the meaning of life?
    *What is love?
    *What is my purpose?
    *What is my future?

    In this book, as you explore the unique life and teachings of Jesus Christ, you will also be introduced to contemporary people from various backgrounds who tell how and why they came to believe in Jesus-and the difference He is making in their lives today.

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